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Information contained on a package may propel the reader to buy the product without ever having to speak to a store clerk.

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This reduction in pack-related information might have been expected, however, to understate the brand design elements, leading to underestimates of differences between pack conditions.Table 2 also shows that, for most of these mentioned attributes, there was a significant linear decline in the degree of favourable ratings as pack branding design information reduced.Acknowledgments The authors thank Matthew Rimmer and Jonathan Liberman for advice on legal aspects of tobacco packaging.

WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. 2005. (accessed 7 Jul 2008).Abstract Background: Cigarette packaging is a key marketing strategy for promoting brand image.International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research Page 141. packaging on all over-the-counter drugs and some.Investment Opportunities in Taiwan: Semiconductor, Chemical and Consumer Goods will Lead the Pack.In countries such as Australia where traditional forms of advertising are banned, packaging now serves as the main vehicle for tobacco marketing.

The shopper may identify with the company brand, which propels them to buy the product.Freedonia industry market research on Packaging covers a broad range of packaging materials (e.g., paper, plastic, metal) and applications (e.g., protective packaging.With 30 years of experience across the food science and packaging spectrum - ranging from basic research and development to market analysis, Packaging Technology.Sample A market research company was commissioned to undertake the administration of the survey.

The synthetic chemicals used in the packaging, storage, and processing of foodstuffs might be harmful to human health over the long term, warn environmental scientists.Consumer research proposal: Camel Filter revised packaging test study.For example, soups must have a container and package while apples may have packaging for transport but not to sell the product from the produce department of the local grocery store.Product packaging not only protects the product during transit from the manufacturer to the retailer, but it also prevents damage while the product sits on retail shelves.Eligible respondents were then randomly allocated to view one of 12 pack conditions that varied by brand and extent of plain packaging.References (2) Mplans: Packaging and labeling your products KnowThis: Factors in Packaging Decisions About the Author Kristie Lorette started writing professionally in 1996.This article was written by Michael Stanat, Research Executive at SIS International Research.Our expert analysis of the highest quality data and market research will help you grow your business.

The effect of masculine and feminine brand names on the perceived taste of a cigarette.This journal offers research, reviews and case studies on advances in technology, materials, equipment, and design in the field of packaging.Finally, the internet method of survey administration may have allowed some smokers to seek the input of others into the responses they gave.

Preliminary analyses indicated that survey responses on the 11-point response scale were not normally distributed.For example, a cereal can say that it has 50% more milk than another product.RESULTS Sample characteristics and group assignment Overall, 813 regular smokers resident in Australia completed the study procedure, yielding a response rate of 22% of all those sent email invitations.

This study aims to provide research evidence to assist the selection of plain pack designs that would promote the least positive attributes about smoking for smokers.The assigned pack was present on the screen as the smoker completed each of the ratings.On this note, effective packaging must reflect product benefits.

The Effect of Cosmetic Packaging on Consumer Perceptions

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There are a number of study limitations that should be mentioned.This text has been as a result of research and input of a number of competent SA individuals and organizations.

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Therefore, in the following analyses, the results for the three brands were aggregated.Randomisation was successful as judged by the fact that groups did not differ in composition.Global FHoneycomb Paperboard Packaging Market Professional Survey Report Forecast 2017 to 2022.Packaging is a technique used for protecting products in distribution, storage, sale and use.Table 1 Demographic and smoking characteristics of participants by pack condition Effect of pack condition on perceptions The results of fitting a logistic regression model with an interaction between pack condition and brand to predict pack perceptions indicated that there were no interactions between these two variables.Compared with those who viewed the original pack, significantly fewer smokers who viewed Plain pack 3 thought the cigarettes would be low in tar, rich in tobacco, satisfying to smoke and of the highest quality tobacco.

If you are looking for a market research solution for your research requirements, please begin your search using the search box on top of this page or use our chat system to speak to our market research consultants or directly write to us.This article points out several features of good packaging that influence purchase decision.