Entertainment industry terms

PRODUCER - Person responsible for the day-to-day decision making on a production.SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Often two or three on a set, they handle checking in the talent, insuring proper paperwork is filed, distribute script revisions.Credits are usually negotiated in writing, in the contract, and are very valuable in terms of money and prestige.Includes companies that produce, distribute, and sell motion pictures, as well as businesses that provide amusement and recreation services.In the entertainment industry, this may also involve substitution across alternative media for a similar product.Central Board of Film Certification, Government of India. 2006. Statistics.OUT TIME - Actual time when you are released after you have changed out of wardrobe and make- up.You work the day, and wait for it to air, and wait to see if the usage structure holds up.Singapore: Economics Department, National University of Singapore.

STUNTPERSON - Specially trained performer who actually performs stunts.Avoiding Scams ) require or pay representatives to give a certain number of callbacks to paying families.Film industry in India is among the largest in the world in terms of films.View entertainment news and videos for the latest movie, music, TV and celebrity headlines on CNN.com.NIGHT PREMIUM - Surcharge for certain work performed after 8 p.m.In my last blog, I gave you a list of 40 jobs in film and television that you should know.

Professionals recognize what this is on a resume.background or extra work.GRIPS - Members of the film crew who are responsible for moving set pieces, lighting equipment, dolly track and other physical movement of equipment.

REWRITE - Changes in the script, often using color-coded pages to indicate most current version.Both produced film and television material and also offered extensive entertainment facilities such as rides, restaurants, shows, and more.MODEM - Device that converts digital signals from a computer or other digital device, into a form that can be transmitted across copper wires.Find Entertainment Market Research Reports and industry analysis for market segmentation data, market growth and new business.STUNT DOUBLE - Stunt person who performs stunts for a principal.

The first is that consumption of entertainment requires the time of the consumer.These are, and have traditionally been, provided only to qualified talent agents.Not to be confused with a voucher, non-union background actors get a time sheet.

Oberholzer-Gee, Felix, and Koleman Strumpf. 2004. The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales.Despite efforts to increase the cost of piracy, however, in practice it is not too difficult even for a computer hobbyist to work around the latest antipiracy technologies (Perry 2005).In contrast, Rafael Rob and Joel Waldfogel (2006) found that the U.S. music industry lost one fifth of a sale for each album downloaded from the Internet.VOUCHER - Time slip with all pertinent information needed for getting paid properly.CAMERA OPERATOR - Member of the camera crew who actually looks through the lens during a take.While the quality may be low, the latest movies are also readily available over internet -based file-sharing networks, such as BitTorrent (Kwok 2004).Of course, price can be adjusted and this implies a tradeoff between time-cost and the monetary price.

This can make the difference in having the respect of your representatives and future employers.CATERER - Responsible for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a set.This type of marketing remained the radio standard through the 1990s.Throughout the 1980s about 250 individual film production companies completed an annual average of about 700 feature films per year with the encouragement of official government policy requiring commercial movie theaters to screen at least one Indian film per show (Gomery 1996).Maverick, starring James Garner, was the first of these edgy shows.Industry Overview: Entertainment and Sports. But there are also thousands of jobs in the entertainment industry at smaller,.BLOCKING - Actual physical movements by performers in any scene.

Get information, facts, and pictures about Entertainment industry at Encyclopedia.com. Make research projects and school reports about Entertainment industry easy.An actor auditions once (usually for a casting director or their associate).Kwok, Sai Ho. 2004. File Sharing Activities over BT Networks: Pirated Movies.The dominance of Hollywood films in worldwide box-office revenue gives rise to claims of cultural imperialism, though major Hollywood studios in fact design films for distribution in the worldwide market even though the films are screened in North America first.Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscars) publishes a list of the movies that meet the criteria, and thus are eligible for an Oscar.Creative products are durable and this leads to issues regarding rents, collection and monitoring of royalties, warehousing, and retrieval.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.BLUE SCREEN - Shooting in a studio against a large blue or green backdrop, which allows a background to be superimposed later on the final image.Indeed, commercial radio broadcasting became the number one way to advertise products of all types, including films — King Kong was the first motion picture to be promoted via the radio, in 1933.By the 1990s, literally hundreds of people worked on each film produced.