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Based on the argument, it will be obvious that the society is better off with marijuana legalized and criminalized.Is there any specific reason why weed should be illegal, or is the government just making money from catching people with it.

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The legalization of Marijuana is a highly heated and controversial issue in America today.Cannabis or typically referred to as marijuana is a drug that contains many other chemicals some are like a penicillin.The THC in marijuana causes its users to experience a mild-huluciginic or high.An enormous debate has started, in numerous countries should consumption of Marijuana should to be legalized or not.

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This should be centered on why marijuana should be legalized.However, most Americans do not know about the great beneficial side of the plant that may aid citizens that contain a health problem or psychological disease.Again people against marijuana legalization will say court resources will drop due to crime rates rising is completely false and has no evidence to even support that.There are groups of people that grow up using marijuana and there are studies and reports on these groups, plus peer reviewed articles on the same.Marijuana brings millions of people relief from the pain they feel on a day-to-day basis.Likewise, there is a common consensus of bias that marijuana legalization would promote zero gain in any category and legalization of marijuana would be all destructive to our society.This is therefore a critical analysis of the positive and negative effects.

Write Marijuana research paper in no time, as we are giving away topic for research paper on marijuana and brief guideline for medical marijuana research paper.Proponents of weed argue that marijuana has been around for ages and that it is no worse than alcohol, while opponents state that although it was used by ancient cultures, marijuana presents a completely unfamiliar set of medical and social issues.

Focus should be on medical and scientific reports that are mentioned in the effects on human beings.Some studies have shown results that the benefits of using marijuana for medicinal reasons far outweigh the negative health matters that may be associated with its use, and therefore should be an accepted method of treatment for some patients who are suffering with illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, and eating disorders (Okie, 2005).Others argue that its use can lead to addiction and could lead to health risks such as lung and heart problems over time.Many other states have recognised the benefits of legalizing medicinal marijuana.The main issue behind Medical Marijuana results mainly from an ethical standpoint, yet this essay will refrain from discussing any morality and will strictly be structured through factual information.

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The first known marijuana user dates all the way back to 2737 B.C. when Chinese Emperor Shen Nung wrote of the incredible euphoria he feels, and what he experiences after smoking marijuana (Guither).Smoking THC-rich resins extracted from the marijuana plant is on the rise.

This argument is becoming more of an up roar because the U.S. Congress is debating whether or not to legalize marijuana.Marijuana has been suffering from propaganda and bias opinions for many years.This opinion should involve the narration of the thesis statement and its supporting statements.There are marijuana possession arrests every single day in abundance all across the nation and without that you relieve the police department.This would save our forests from being cut down and result in less pollution (Environmental).

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It is smoked or eaten to get hallucinated and receive pleasure.

The drug that I am talking about is marijuana, and surprisingly it is all around us.

If something can benefit an individual why not use it for the sick in an attempt to find a better drug for those who really need it.For thousands of years human beings have attempted to find ways to get passed the struggles of everyday life.With that said there is no need to go back and test things on marijuana that have already been tested.Disclaimer: The services that are offered by are intended for research only.

People use this social drug to ease or enhance interaction (Kornblum 115).In addition, the flowers of the female plant and the buds are the most vigorous part.Therefore, medical marijuana should be strictly limited for medical use and monitored to meet the needs of the patient.Marijuana term papers (paper 10801) on Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal: Marijuana should be illegal for the majority of medical purposes because of the potentially.

Most of the people against it have never once looked into the benefits it holds and may never will.Still, other studies have proven that there is not enough scientific evidence on the drug, there for it should not be legalized for the use of medication (Hutchings, 2002).The research is based on the states of Washington and Rhode Island petitioning the federal government on reclassifying marijuana as a drug that is accepted with medical uses, saying they want to regulate this distribution without putting any type of risk for federal persecution.Marijuana as a medicine can relieve pain for its users along with other benefits.

Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa).I say that with complete confidence because of the medical capabilities, economic relief, crime reduction, free resources and the fact that it has been decriminalized in a couple states.

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Marijuana is a widespread drug and has damaging consequences for individuals.

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