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LAO TSU - Legendary sage in Chinese history, credited with founding the principles of Taoism.FULL CONTACT - Form of Karate in which full power kicks are delivered at an opponent.For this reason you may see Japanese words spelled differently. you might look into the Japanese Martial Arts Dictionary by.KUP - In Taekowndo one of the eight grades of ranking before the Black Belt comparable to the Japanese KYU grade.

Zen makes use of paradoxical poems called Koans to clear the mind of trivia and so reaches the meditative state required.Japanese Martial Arts Terms Dictionary: Choose a letter: A B C D F G H I J K M N O R S T U W Y.Historical Incarnations of a Title and its Entitlements by William M. Bodiford. Who or what is a soke.Hence the art is sometimes known as Eight-Directions Palm Boxing.HSING 1 - Chinese martial art created by the great warrior, Yueh Fei.DAITO - Japanese long sword with a cutting edge, measuring more then 25 inches.The term has been erroneoulsy used to refer to ancient samurai ways, but it was firs coined by the japanese writer, Inazo Nitobe, in 1892.

HUANG TI - Legendary Yellow Emperor of the Chou Dynasty, credited as the author of the Nei-Ching, the Taoist Classic of Internal Medicine.

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ELBOW - Close quarter weapon used in almost all martial arts stystems.SUMO - Ancient form of Japanese wrestling, steeped in religious aspects of Shintoism, contestants build themselves up to great weights in order to gain an advantage over their opponents.Martial ways: Bujutsu: Martial arts: Bushido: Way of the warrior: Chui.GULAT - Type of wrestling found in Jave, greatly influenced by Sumo Wrestling.Dictionary Of Japanese Karate Terms A Abaniko: Arnis striking technique using a stick and resembling a fan motion.KUSARIGAMA - Sickle attached by a low chain to a weighed end, a trapping and ensnaring weapon highly popular among the Ninja people.

BANSHAY - Burmese forms of the weapon arts, utilizing the staff, sword and spear.This should not be confused with the word kamae, which means posture.CHI SAO - Special exercise in Wing Chun Kung Fu for developing cordination and sensitivity in the arms.Wing Chun greatly influened Bruce Lee when he was forumulating his own system of Jeet Kund Do.A Genin was the actual field agent, or Ninja, who performed assassinations.It was famous as the official martial art of the Manchu Emperors.

KYUDO - Way of the Bow, a Japanese Martial Art of archery which incorperated deep zen concepts.It refers to a system of highly specialized strength exercises and professes to be a martial art dating back more than 3000 years to the court of the Darius.

It is popularly seen in the kung fu styles of Wing Chun and Hung Gar, but other styles have adopted it.BOK HOK PAI - Chinese system of kung fu based upon the mannerisms of the white crane.Achieving this level of profincency allows one to teach the art to others.

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Practitioners must master kihon in order to reach an advanced level, and it also helps karateka show the correct attitude and spirit at all times.The form teaches elbow positioning and the protection of the center line.Browse our wide range of Japanese martial arts equipment, from Iaito swords to Hand-stitched Kendo Bogu sets.YUDANSHA - Kendoka who has achieved the rank of Black Belt or higher, alone permitted to wear an outfit of a uniform color.

ESCRIMA - Martial system fo the Philippines that employs sticks, swords and daggers.Ho Oo Ryu presents a tutorial on the Japanese Martial Arts directional terms.SIL LUM TAO - Primary form in Wing Chun, meaning Little Idea or Little Imagination.Roku means six, Shaku means about a foot in length, and Bo means pole or staff.It means Eight Trigrams and the concept comes from the classic chinese treatise, the 1-Ching, or book of changes.Every traditional Japanese martial arts are Sumo, Jujutsu, Swordsmanship.An obi is part of a Japanese martial arts exercise outfit and is basically a belt made from thick cotton.The glossary on this page serves as a quick reference to almost all of the Japanese terms used in. also used in some Japanese martial arts to provide a.JKI JITSU - Japanese Martial Art based upon the exploitation of opponents strength against himself.

Japanese martial arts have been influenced by Chinese martial arts.HORSE STANCE - Basic stance, resembling that of a horse rider.

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WHITE BELT - Color of belt to a beginner in most Japanese Martial Arts.An inside hooking block used to deflect a strike away from the attacker and away from the defender.

ARNIS DE MANO - Philippine martial art, meaning Harness of the Hand and involving the use of twins sticks for fighting.A linear thrusting kick that is normally used in Shotokan Karate.

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TAEKWONDO - Korean style of empty hand combat very simular to karate.This book, reputed to be the oldest known book in the world, contains the philosophicas basis of Tai Chi Chaun, Pakua, and Hsing 1.This video will utilize the Japanese writing system of Kanji, Furigana and.A form of back kick said to be the most devastating kick in karate.

This is a weapon originally used by martial artists in Okinawa and comes in pairs.The formal gathering place for students of martial arts such as judo or karate.In karate, this is deemed to be the pursuit of landing a single strike that ends the contest.

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LUNG - Chinese word meaning Dragon MABUNI KENWA - Creator of Shitoryu Kartate, who studied under the same Okinawan master called Hosu, as Funakoshi.

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Martial arts cover a broad range of activities that involve fighting techniques, physical exercises, and methods of mental discipline, among other skills. Martial.For each English directional term used in this video the Japanese translation will be wrote in Kanji and above the Kanji will appear the Furigana and to the right of the Kanji will be the Romaji.The practioner constantly changes directions during an attack.Milwaukee Shobukan is a traditional Japanese martial arts dojo focusing on the practice of Aikido.SPORT KARATE - Karate competition in which conteststants fight under combat rules in a ring or area.SHORINJI KEMPO - Japanese Karate system founded by Doshin So, now deceased.This is a generic term for the execution of consecutive kicks.DAITO-RYU - Style of Aiki Jutsu from which it is said that aikido developed.A sequence of movements that represent different defensive and offensive moves.

Karate practitioners typically use a pair of sai to trap or block an incoming attack.Here are some of the key Japanese words, commands and terminology used in Karate.Its maximum length is about 20 inches, and it is usually made from red or white oak and is used as a pair.A battle cry used by martial artists either before, during, or after performing a technique.Martial Arts - Term denoting the arts of war, taken from mars, the god of war.This is a good method of blocking for those seeking a counter attack.

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FIVE ANIMALS - Five animals, The Crane, Dragon, Leopard, Tiger and Snake, whose movements were imitated in a system of fighting said to be the orgin of the Shaolin Systems.It was adopted in 1924 by Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan Karate.