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However, for the more seasoned practitioner, the habitual use - and acceptance of - intuition-based practice can lead to resistance in the adoption of theories of evidence-based practice.

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The act of reflection: Self-indulgence or a model for learning in social work.1 Theories, models and perspectives - Cheat sheet for field instructors Major Theories – Used in Social Work Practice Systems Theory Psychodynamic.

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Notwithstanding issues of ethics and data protection this dissertation provides a unique insight to the challenges and difficulties faced by those who seek to enter the profession after a previous career.

Effective Interventions When Working With Cambodian Refugees: A Systematic Literature Review, Saream Chhith.Welcome to the Social Work 522, Introduction to Social Work Research Guide.Complicated Confinement: Exploring Modifications to Solitary Confinement Practices in Adult Correctional Facilities, Lesley Babb.Domestic Violence: How to Treat the Unseen Victims, Sarah Callahan.

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Meriam Library Room 215 530.898.4338 Drop in Office Hours: Summer break June and July Feel free to contact me with your research questions.This blog post contains 25 interesting research paper topics to get you started.

A library resource guide for FGCU Social Work students. Social Work Choosing a Research Topic.

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This dissertation focuses particularly on vulnerable young adults in the 18 - 24 year old age group who possess mental health difficulties within the Greater Newcastle area.

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Spiritually Integrated Care for Veteran Trauma Survivors: A Quantitative Analysis, Krystle Englund.Grinnell, R.M and Unrau, Y.A. (2011) Social work research and evaluation: Foundations of evidence-based practice (9th edn).

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The first step for any research project, whether it is a dissertation, a grant proposal or research to find the best practice intervention is formulate a question you.

It evaluates whether these measures are sufficient to maintain the physical safety of social workers, and whether the social workers in question feel safe when undertaking their duties.Fostering Resilience in Emancipating Foster Care Youth, Kelsey Howland.This dissertation examines the legal position of social workers in end of life decisions, as well as the ethical and emotional ramifications of calls thereof.However, the wish to assist service users can be so strong that social workers can risk diminishing empowering service users.UGC-Social Case Work-Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1).Focusing upon the role of the media and the lessons learned, this dissertation asks whether more still needs to be done to not protect those who are not guilty until so proven and the need for greater sensitivity from the press.The need for cost efficiencies has already resulted in a decline in the number of case workers and, through that, an increased work load for those who remain.School of Social Work 509 Dunton Tower 1125 Colonel By Drive Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6 Phone: (613) 520-5601 Fax: (613) 520-7496 Hours: 8:30-12:00 and 1:00-4:30 View Map.Pollard, K.C., Thomas, J. and Miers, M. (eds) (2010) Understanding interprofessional working in health and social care: Theory and practice.

Assessing and Addressing Family Caregiver Burden: Palliative Care Social Work Perspective, Taylor Logeais.The MSW program offers students an opportunity to focus on either direct intervention of social administration and policy or to combine these areas.

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Implementation and Utilization of Alternative Interventions in Hospice, Kayle Jo Dietrich.It does so by illustrating challenges and benefits through both literature and the conducting of primary research through interviews with existing practitioners.Tsui, M. (2005) Social work supervision: Contexts and concepts.We promote values of respect, dignity and the worth of all peoples to assist students in acquiring knowledge, skills, and values to work in diverse and cross-cultural environments and to support the development of social work as a field of critical practice and policy development.It is important for the future of social work that social workers come from a variety of backgrounds as indeed service users come from a wide variety of backgrounds.Intervention with Intimate Partner Violence: Application of Attachment and Personality Disorders, MaryBeth Ehlert.

In a similar guise, interventions can also take on a plethora of characteristics.The role of the mentor is pivotal within social work training.The Impact of Social Work Education on Social Justice Practice Behaviors, Nicole Dahl.The safeguarding of vulnerable adults: Social work interventions.Unintended Rehabilitation: A Comparative Analysis of Prison Animal Programs, Mielissa Beseres.Through this multi-method research approach this study examines the outcomes for children when different professionals from different agencies work with them and highlights how distinct knowledge, skills and values of social work is compatible within a multi-agency working approach.Generating Therapeutic Attunement Through Mindfulness Practice, Kestrel Feiner-Homer.

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Trauma in schools: Identifying and working with students who have experienced trauma, Amanda E.

A non-profit association committed to improving the support for research among social workers.The Office of the Associate Dean for Research administers research and training projects funded by a variety of federal, state and foundation sources.The Effectiveness of Theraplay as Treatment for Older Children with Attachment Difficulties, Ruby Brayman.A Qualitative Investigation of Parental Experiences with Play Therapy, Kaitlin Bach.Examining Post-Adoption Services: What Adoptive Families Need for Beneficial Outcomes, Lindsey Crawford.Polish nationals can be viewed as exploited and Chen, Vanek and Carr (2004) suggest that migrant workers do not always have appropriate access to emergency health care.The two students in question are both studying at Manchester Metropolitan University and have given full consent to this study.