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The Way Forward Indeed having considered all the reasons for legalization of same-sex marriages it turns to be that positive resolution of the issue will bring much more benefit to the society.Same sex marriage Going by Marshall, C.J. definition of marriage, it is supposed to be a commitment of two individuals for various reasons and one of the expected end results is to bring stability to society.

Free gay parenting papers, essays, and research papers.While it has been difficult to research the exact side effects of benefits of same sex parenting same sex.The ability of gay couples to bring up a child should not be denied only because they are gay.Equally important is the exclusion on marriage and equal parenting rights for both.When allowing same-sex couples to marry the revenue from the issuance of such licenses due to the increase in the number of wedding ceremonies that will be conducted will be increased.Similarly, the Supreme court of California took the same approach in the case of wooing v Lockyer, where it held that the law restricting marriage to heterosexual couples was invalid under the state constitution.Preservation of the future generation of a country is an important objective for any government and where there is a possibility that marrying same-sex couples would facilitate such objective no other argument should be deemed sufficient to deny such right.How polarization plays out in washington state: for some years...

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The Case for Same-Sex Marriage The United States is known world wide for its civil rights and freedoms.There are those who are in favour of total equality of right for homosexuals, and there are those who are.Engaging in sex outside the marriage, particularly for the married couples was heavily punished as adultery.The equal protection clause of the constitution was to combat racism, however, the same has been applied to sentry against laws that adopt sex-based cataloguing, as well as those that do not, but have the effect of dissimilar impact based on sex.

Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage By Family Research Council.The statistics of same sex couples have greatly increased in the United States and this has led to many legal proceedings for their legalization.

However, the constitutional arguments of equality in relation to gay marriages should relate to freedom of a person to choose the partner with whom he or she wants to spend the rest of his life.When same-sex couples are allowed to marry, they have legal rights as such as the right to adopt children.The due process clause is designed to look back and consider whether an existing and accepted practice with sufficient generality is being violated by the claimed practice.Marriage is a civil and fundamental right which must be universally available to each and every human being on the virtue of their human nature rather than their sexuality.Should Same Sex Marriages Be Legalized essaysThe question of whether gay marriages should be legalized has been increasingly asked over the last few years.Same Sex Marriage Essays: Over 180,000 Same Sex Marriage Essays, Same Sex Marriage Term Papers, Same Sex Marriage Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS, term.The recognition that all are equal before the law is firmly imprinted in acceptance that constitutional rights belong to every citizen of the country and sexual orientation is not a sufficient reason to introduce changes.No religion in the world supports marriage within the same sex.

History does show record of same sex desire or unions between men, usually of varying ages.The debate is focused on whether same sex marriages should be allowed and should.Currently, gay and lesbian couples are prohibited from adopting in only two states, Utah and Mississippi (Tavernise, 2011).Though we should understand and sympathize with the fact that the homosexual community simply desires the normal daily lifestyle and benefits of the family structure.

The equal protection clause has been the basis upon which many cases regarding recognition of same-sex marriages have been successful.For a child being raised by a same-sex couple, the underlying concern is the fact that they live in a family that is not recognized by the law.Indeed, the duty of the state is to determine and safe guard the sanctity of marriage.On the other hand, equal protection clause protects the new rights and is framed to look forwards into the future.The question of discrimination is closely linked to equal treatment of all before the law.However, his points completely fail to appeal the reader as they not only show his narrow minded approach but also his inability to see the other side of the situation.The issue has proved to be complex, difficult and weighty as it has divided nations into almost two distinct sides.

The US constitution, under the first amendment recognizes the importance of separating religion from the law, where it provides that the administration shall not make any laws as to the establishment of any religion.CO 2 programmes are continuing to control other to the presence of social colleagues and up-to-date family.Same Sex Marriage Same sex marriage is a type of marriage in which both of the participants belong to same gender identity.Office of Tax Analysis Working Paper 108 August 2016 Joint Filing by Same-Sex Couples after Windsor: Characteristics of Married Tax Filers in 2013 and 2014.

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For two people who love each other and plan on spending the.Marriage was meant to last a lifetime and, thus, divorce was not an option.The idea of same sex marriage affects wide areas such as domestic affairs, employee benefits, and.

The social perspectives, religious convictions, economic arguments, health-related problems, and various related issues etc enhance the scope.The California Supreme Court Justices affirmed this understanding of the constitution in May 2008.

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Firstly, legalizing same-sex marriages will promote social stability.Keywords: marriage, gay marriage, same-sex marriage, traditional marriage, Proposition 8.Its importance is still recognized and most of the arguments against recognizing the right of same-sex couples to marry are premised on the assumption that they will change the institution of marriage as it has been formulated traditionally, rather than just join the same institution.Marriage has no conditions, which would prohibit same sex partners.Distinction between the success of cases brought on equal protection clause and those brought on due process clause highlight the fundamental differences between the two provisions of the American constitution.

The second social benefit of allowing same-sex marriages relates to the argument of protection of children.In other words gay relationships or lesbianism are unacceptable to religions.