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Roid Rage is a major side effect of steroids because it causes random fits of aggression (Anabolic Steroids).If a person use anabolic steroids u will get stronger and will be able to compete harder.

With new records being broken day by day, I believe performance-enhancing drugs should be legal in all professional sports.Some health risks can be produced by long-term use or excessive doses of anabolic steroids.

Still, some athletes persist in taking them, knowing that these substances provide a physical advantage.I think that steroids are products that should be absolutely illegal and no player at any time should be able to use them.

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Some athelete even said if steriods was around during them, they could have done much better and maybe extend their career.

The mere use of this drug has also been linked to post-traumatic stress.Russian weight lifters were using steroids and were merely invincible in.Consequences of Steroids in Sports Essay. functions of steroids in the body are physical growth and sexual maturation.

Baseball, 2. Track, 3. Football. Speed is another big drug in sport due to my research.One of the reason athletes choose to use performance-enhancing drugs is to bulk up.Since steroids have become such a hot topic in Major League Baseball (MLB) fans have had nothing but bad things to say about the sport and its players.Some of the biggest sports (in order) that use sports enhancing drugs are 1.From sunrise to sundown they practice everyday to perfect their game.Many young athletes in the United States are taking performance enhancing drugs because they see that professional athletes are doing it and getting results.It would be easier to allow PEDs in sports than to constantly test athletes that are suspected cheaters.But today we have gold medalists being stripped of their Olympic medals, players facing a lifetime ban, and every day another athlete being suspended for a shorter period of time.Some side affects of steroids are baldness, high blood pressure, lowered sex drive, acne, nosebleeds, liver disease, kidney disease, and many more (Williams, Drugs and Athletic Performance, pg.

Athletes that are in sports should not be allowed to consume steroids.Also, up and coming stars also join in and take steroids as they want to prolong their future and the sport that they love to play, and to get to the next skill level.Steroids in Sports In many places around the world today, sports competitions are increasing in popularity due to the quest to win, to be the best.PEDs are more commonly known to help increase muscle size and strength.For the athletes, both young and old, who are taking steroids to overcome injuries and achieve personal goals, they soon realize the negative long term effect that it has on their bodies.

Along with that you will be getting paid a lot to do something that you really love and enjoy.Today walking into any gym you will find some one who is using steroids or some kind of enhancement supplement.Using these performance aids may very well be a quick fix for many athletes, but taking these supplements is unethical and dangerous.Steroids are a synthetic version of the human hormone testosterone.

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Anabolic steroids are chemicals that act like hormones (substances in your body that regulate bodily functions).As the amount of performance enhancing steroids increases in professional sports, many athletes are gaining an unfair advantage over their competition.They are as worshipped as movie stars, allowed to act like rock stars and always seem to age gracefully after their sports careers are over.Most athletes will stop at anything to achieve success, even if that means breaking the rules.

Professional baseball players are getting tested twice a year for anabolic substances throughout the course of the regular season.

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Others such as police officers and bouncers use them because they work in physical fighting environments (Steroids).Steroids also help to reduce fatigue due to which sportsmen can perform tirelessly.All research articles were double blind with placebo groups to prevent the effects of bias and placebo effects.The sports world classifies a PED as any type of substance that may benefit a person athletically or for any any other uses like endurance.The topic of steroids in sport makes for an excellent topic in a research paper.With this progressively increasing numbers, it is projected that millions more will use steroids in the immediate future (Newer, 61).