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Her comments begin to shed light on her reasons for planning the epic adventure in which she has enlisted Quentin, as well as her other legendary schemes.

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Thrilled and preoccupied by the new perspective opening up inside him, Quentin ceases to even see Margo.The world around him, which seemed so ordinary not just in daylight but all through the days of his life before tonight, now seems beautiful — and, just as importantly, Quentin feels as though this beautiful new world is open to him.People must allow one another to see their weakness and pain before they can experience deep connection — but in exposing those darker parts of themselves, they open themselves up to the healing forces of love and friendship, and allow the best and most worthy parts of themselves to shine through to others.Jacobsen unique insight into the complexities of the human mind, but the wisdom she offers Quentin has less to do with her background in psychology than with her compassion and maturity: two qualities Quentin is still lacking, though he has made progress toward developing them.

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One Year, 100 Books: Paper Towns. John Green never ceases to amaze me.Warren, who in his first meeting with Quentin compared runaway children to tied-down balloons that finally break free and float away, calls on that metaphor again to caution Quentin about losing himself in the search for Margo.

Now that Margo has disrupted the routines of his life, he is eager to see the world around him as being full of beauty and adventure, and he either cannot see the underlying darkness, or refuses to do so.

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MIRRORS AND WINDOWS. John Green conveys this message in many different ways.I would have stayed home, and I have always stayed home, and I would have been safe, and I would have done the one thing I have always wanted to do, which is grow up.LitCharts makes it easy to find quotes by chapter, character, and theme.Quentin sees Margo as a supporting character in his life, or a kind of beautiful, impossible ideal, rather than a three-dimensional person taking control of her own life.Quentin longs both to find acceptance and to transcend the need for acceptance.

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His deepening love for and understanding of Margo will help Quentin better appreciate the relationships and experiences he has always taken for granted, and challenge him to evaluate his life with a more critical eye than ever before, disrupting his contentment and shocking him into a deeper and more intense experience of life.Like the fear that grips him outside the strip mall, this work is painful and sometimes overwhelming — however, as Quentin begins to humanize Margo in his mind, he becomes a fuller and more compassionate person, better able to care for those he loves.At this moment of profound uncertainty and loneliness, Margo seeks support from Quentin, with whom she shares a history of friendship.In order to develop true empathy, though, Quentin must recognize that every person, regardless of how difficult or unpleasant they might seem to him personally, has a deep and significant inner life and struggles in his or her own way.Margo Roth Spiegelman, p. 41 - Paper Towns (2008) Facebook. Twitter. John Green is an American author of young adult fiction,.In his imagination, he and Margo — a girl who represents the independence of mind and spirit he has never been brave enough to claim for himself — reject the shallow, conventional ritual of prom, showing up late in jeans and t-shirts instead of the formal clothes their classmates agonize over.

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But as for me: I must ask the wounded man where he is hurt, because I cannot become the wounded man.In this scene, attending a laid-back party with his friends and acquaintances from the school band, he allows himself to feel emotional about the coming transition for the first time.

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Before that, we were just looking at ideas of each other, like looking at your window shade but never seeing inside.Quentin has assumed since the beginning that Margo wanted to be found, and though he has released many of his fantastic ideas about what might happen after their reunion, he certainly seems to have expected some kind of gratitude from her.He encourages Quentin to focus on the things that make Ben a worthwhile person and a good friend, rather than on his shortcomings, and suggests implicitly that this is the only way relationships can be successful: that everyone has flaws which might make them unbearable to be around if those were their only characteristics, but that no person is defined entirely by their flaws.Here, he reveals the extent to which his perception of Margo has become divorced from reality.All those paper people living in their paper houses, burning the future to stay warm.

He has few troubles and no great sorrows — but at the same time he has no real sources of joy.

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When Margo immediately rejects this idea, Quentin is forced finally to release his dreams of a neat and tidy ending to their story.

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We were in the business of mutual amusement, and we were reasonably prosperous.

He realizes that, as hard as he has tried to understand Margo, he can never presume to know her fully.After a phone call with Ben, Quentin reflects on his decision — about which he has been adamant since the first pages of the novel — not to attend prom.Her rash and often dangerous actions allow her to live entirely in the present, and to create some distance, however temporary, from the disappointments of her life.At the same time as he acknowledges the limits of empathetic imagination, Quentin recognizes that his efforts to see Margo more clearly have been powerful and necessary.

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He cracks immature jokes and craves the acceptance of his peers.

Quentin, Radar, and Ben find this proclamation spray-painted on the wall of the abandoned strip mall where they expect to meet Margo.Where before he was preoccupied with anxiety about getting into trouble, he now feels empowered by the events of the night.

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But imagining being someone else, or the world being something else, is the only way in.From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Paper Towns Study Guide. or a John Green Quote. paper is the.Before Quentin becomes entangled with Margo, he lives a life almost entirely without extremes.Maybe — just as she had chosen me on the longest night, she had chosen be again.Maybe this time she wanted to be found, and to be found by me.Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.Though she uses abstraction and impersonal language to create the illusion of having emotional distance, it is clear that Margo is really expressing her own frustrations about the attitude many people around her — including Quentin himself — seem to have: a focus on the accumulation of material goods and accomplishments at the expense of profound experiences in the present.

John Green Quotes TFIOS TFIOS TFIOS Paper Towns Paper Towns Paper Towns TFIOS TFIOS Looking For Alaska An Abundance of Katherines TFIOS Will Grayson, Will Grayson.Paper Towns makes us want to get up and chase the things that really matter to us - the things that are truly real.Read through the best Paper Towns quotes to find your favorites and add them to your own personalized collection. Paper Towns.Quentin Jacobsen (speaker), Ben Starling, Radar, Lacey Pemberton.Margo hungers for deeper and more intense experiences than are readily available to her, and she longs for a life molded around values and ideals rather than the desire to meet the expectations of others.I blame her for this ridiculous, fatal chase — for putting us at risk, for making me into the kind of jackass who would stay up all night and drive too fast.