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Just like Azar, they tend to use these masks as a defensive mechanism serving to protect themselves from the horrors of war and try to stay sane in those circumstances.

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They look at pictures, reminisce, drink coffee, and smoke cigarettes.

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The first casualty for the company is Ted Lavender, a soldier who is shot dead outside Than Khe.Double he fought during the author s play on the things they carried thoroughly examines the responsibility.The story does not reflect what it should take for an individual to become a soldier to fight in Vietnam War.

This movement between perspectives is called free indirect discourse, and serves to distance the reader from the soldiers.Cross carries letters from a gray-eyed English literature student named Martha.All they can do is reminisce about all the soldiers they have lost in the war.

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Storytelling provides a superior way of delivering the war stories to the audience.

Analysis: The Things They Carried essaysThroughout lifetime, many people all over the world have been influenced and reshaped by the forces of society in which they.While on leave from Iraq, after suffering a breakdown, Brent Cumming is asked by one of his friends whether the war was justified.


Authors as far back as Homer described soldiers going into battle by naming the things that they carried: goatskins filled with water, spears, locks of hair from their beloved ones.A war narrative needs none of these traditional sources of pressure because the war itself provides the conflict.

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The story explains the consequences of individuals who avoided doing what was expected.He says of the soldiers in the audience at the funeral who have suffered physical damage such as losing their legs, arms or bullet wounds.

Therefore, Finkel employs storytelling to capture the aspect of non-ending nature of war stories.Furthermore, no one will ever truly understand what they have gone through, what terrors they have faced and what burden they carry with them until their last day.

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He realizes that he may not be capable to ascertain the truth, which is conclusive.He captures the individual feelings and emotions of soldiers like Jeffrey Sauer (Finkel 173).Therefore, war stories are best captured through storytelling rather than establishing facts.

That is why, he uses the tool of storytelling to capture the truth of war he can in his book.As the author was in Vietnam himself, his memories played a vital role in shaping his perception of those events to a considerable degree.

Most choose to hide their fears in order to save their faces.The soldier who undressed and stood on top of a Baghdad police station was believed to be sane.

While simple statement of facts about the war may seem hard to read, the vision of the author on this topic is expressed through several small and seemingly unrelated stories.It tells about soldier Fossie and his girlfriend Mary Anne who came to Vietnam.He had gone to relieve himself while his comrades were blowing up a tunnel.Although the book is referred to as a fictional novel, it reflects some of the autobiographical motives, indeed.Book Analysis The Things They Carried English Literature Essay.The Things They Carried is a non-fiction novel as it relates to imaginary within the scope of real.The soldiers through the experiences they go through in daily missions in Iraq have different views of situations.

Some soldiers go to the extent of getting married within the 18-day vacations.When the inevitable happens and a soldier is killed, extra tension stems from the fact that Cross knows he is responsible.

The toughest burden to carry was the emotional compound as a reaction to happening.He captures how and what the soldiers do during their leaving the camp.

He chooses to deviate from the norm, partly due to the superiority of storytelling in capturing war stories.This accessible literary criticism is perfect for anyone faced with The Things They Carried essays,.Most of the soldiers in Vietnam were inexperienced, young and scared.Norman Bowker, Henry Dobbins, Jimmy Cross and even narrator himself face this uncertainty of their new reality after the war.Analysis The author uses a familiar and ancient trope in this first short story, which provides the title for the collection.The emotional recounting of the speech he delivers at the funeral of one of his soldiers makes the reader get the picture.The platoon of soldiers consists of unprepared young men drawn into the war.They were guilty and this made them not to fight against the enemy as required.